Vortex Mix, Hypnotoic Dystopic Optic

& Major Gig

Record covers, motors

Vortex Mix

Spinning an image so it disolves and becomes abstract, something like an abstract colour code or a hypnotic visual trap.The record covers seemed good material for this, already having a relationship to revolution.

The covers are chosen through the lengthy process of flicking through record collections in shops. For Vortex Mix (Music of the Spheres) the beginning point was Space Ritual by Hawkwind, the idea of spinning and ritual and the movement from solid to vaporous was the centre, from there other titles were decided upon, ones which simply turned up in the searching through process. Some of the links are visual, some linguistic and others more elliptical. Space Ritual was linked to Alien, the image of the egg on that cover suggesting birth, an album by the 70’s soul group New Birth came next, also a cover featuring an egg. This led to 2001 A Space Odyssey, remembering the embryonic child image at the end of the film and so to New Order.

Hypnotic Dystopic Optic

LP covers used are soundtracks to five science fiction films: 
l-r. Rollerball, Clockwork Orange, The Andromeda Strain (gatefold),
Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Blade Runner.

Hypnotic Dystopic Optic installed at Sequences, Arnolfini 2010

Major Gig

Record covers, posters, motors.
The spinning record covers and the posters from News From Nowhere were brought together to form Major Gig for the exhibition FORESAKENFOCUSVERTIGOPREDICTION At Marlborough Contemporary 2014.
(record Covers:Pastoral Romantic (Colin Towns), As Is (Nitzer Ebb),Sub Focus(Endorphins),Easy Rider(soundtrack), InSearch of Space(Hawkwind))