Other Days

Series of six prints. 
The images are collaged from different sources: The background photographic images were taken during a residency in the Azores in 2017 at Pico do Refugio, São Miguel. They are on the rooftop of an abandoned brutalist hotel built in the late eighties called Hotel Monte Palace which sits on the ridge of an extinct volcano and is now visited by tourists, game players and local youth.

See Studio Monte Palace

The elements super-imposed onto each image are graphics taken from science fiction book covers, record covers, Dürer’s Melancholia and other drawings.

Edition of 5 as a set of six
Further edition of 5 as single prints
Printed on Baryta satin finish Canson paper with archival pigments.
Paper 42x31.5cm with 3cm border
£200 each
£1000 set