23 sepia toned photographs taken on location at a hotel on the Atlantic coast in Portugal. The hotel is set close to the furthest western point of Europe, a one-time geographic End of the World. The hotel was used as the main location for Wim Wenders’ 1982 film ‘The State of Things’. At that time it was run down and in ill repair, practically a ruin. The first ten minutes of his film is shot in sepia tone and depicts an apocolyptic end of the world scenario, set in an undesignated future. What is revealed later in the film is that this sequence is a remaking of Roger Corman’s 1955  film ‘Day The World Ended’.

The photographs revisit the hotel and its surroundings. Shot on 35mm film and printed in sepia.
Lens is related to other worksmade at the same location Silver Form (photographic) and Silver Form (video).